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Jane & Jessie's Web Page

I built this page when I got my kerry blue terrier, Jessie. Since then we've added a shih tzu to the family (Madison). As you can see, they live the life . . .

If you are interested in seeing some picture of Maddi click here.

So much has happened. In just 1 year and 1 month after getting our UD, Jessie's has earned the title Utility Dog Excellent. He is only the 5th Kerry Blue Terrier ever to earn this title. Please feel free to read my blog on the hard work we've put in earning it. Also, please feel free to view my pages on showing and training my dog. There's some pictures of me and Jessie competing as well!

Here's a link to my "blog" on competing for my UD and onward with Jessie: Competition Blog

If you are interested, here is a link to Jessie's pedigree: Primrose Jessie James

Contact me!

My Selections for the well read Kerry Owner

Here's the best book to read before you get that puppy: The Art of Raising a Puppy

My favorite training book, perfect for the Kerry attitude: Playtraining Your Dog

"Hi, I'm Jessie (the handsome one), and this is my sister Maddi. I'm older, so I get the remote when we're watching tv."

Good Stuff on the Web

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Lots of great articles and information on kerries.
Lotus Notes
And of course the Notes site. Every company needs Notes! And highly paid Notes developers.
See Jane's Resume
Jane's resume in case you have a great job opportunity for her
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Jane & Jessie
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