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Primrose Jessie James CDX

Jessie's show photo winning High In Trial

Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier

Date of Birth: November 9, 1997

We've finished our UDX(Utility Dog Excellent) in Obedience so now we're not sure what adventure we'll be on next. We plan to do more agility and now Jessie also has his NAJ (Novice Agility Jumpers) title.  Jessie earned his CD in three trials scoring a 186, 194(1st Place) and 192 (4th Place) .  We  have also shown twice in Canada where we were HIT (Highest Scoring Dog In Trial) with a 198 the first time! We got a 2nd HIT trial at the next show as well.

In June of 2001, at the DOTCORNY Obedience Trial in Syracuse, NY, we got our first leg towards our CDX with a score of 182.5. Although the score was not too high, I am proud of Jessie because I was very sick that weekend with the flue and was not a very good team member for him. He was worried and nervous showing with his sick handler! We went on to show at the Admiral Perry Obedience Trial in August and finished our CDX with two third places and the scores of 190.5 and 187. Our utility adventure took four months of showing to get our UD. We did it with four first places (yes, an extra leg just in case). It was a lot of work, but also fun. We will miss the Utility A classes and all the fun we had cheering everyone else on to legs and condoling them after NQs.

After an exciting year of trialing in "B" classes with the top dogs, Jessie really put it together the last two trials. He picked up 4 UDX legs with 4 placements! Now he's gotten one of the top two Obedience Titles offered by the AKC. We are signed up for some sheepherding classes and we're also having fun running agility courses. Jessie is still sound and willing to work at almost 8 years of age, so we'll just keep find fun things to do until he wants to retire.

In case you are curious, I've posted Jessie's Pedigree here as well.

Jessie at 13 weeks old